My goal is to create meaningful fine art photographs that are artistically inspired, thoughtfully conceived, and technically executed to the highest standards. I’m drawn to the elegant and timeless beauty found in nature and its many moods and visual rhythms created by the light. From image capture to final print, I use the latest professional digital cameras and lenses, computers and printers, archival papers and inks. I strive to create an archival fine art photographic print that not only reflects my artistic vision and technical excellence, but also imparts to the viewer nature’s magic and wonder, an enduring visual and emotional interest, and will provide many years of enjoyment and pleasure.
I’ve always relied on my ability to see and capture images that connect with people. This was a skill I developed early in my career while studying world's literature and Fine Arts  I was struck by not only by the elegant compositions and impeccable techniques in the paintings of Rembrandt, Vermeer and the photography of Ansel Adams, but most importantly, their wonderful use of light and understanding it is the light that breathes life into the work.
The impressionist painter Edgar Degas said: “art is not what you see, but what makes others see.” It wasn’t until recently I began to appreciate these words. Working as a portrait photographer my job was to objectively show a personality in a single picture. As I’ve evolved on my artistic journey, I’ve learned that objectivity has been replaced with inspiration and artistic vision. Building on the principles of the great masters and guided by my vision, I work very hard to make a photograph of sublime beauty and intriguing mood. I can only hope my images inspire the viewer with a lasting appreciation of nature’s wonders and the story told…is the viewer’s story.
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